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10 Year Guarantee

10 Year Guarantee



At Happy Sofas we are so confident in the quality of our furniture that we offer a 10 year warranty on all the furniture we sell.


The warranty starts from the date of delivery and offers cover against manufacturing defects on the construction of the frame and frame springs.


After almost 20 years of looking after customers,  our expertise is backed by our own fully trained service managers who have the upholstery skills to resolve all issues.


There are some things that aren’t covered by your warranty. For example, deliberate damage - like treating it roughly or not using the right products to maintain it. It also doesn’t cover your sofa for use in a workplace or business - only for use in your home.

And, don’t forget your 10 year warranty only belongs to you. So if you sell or give away your sofa, the warranty ends.



What isn’t covered?

- Wear & tear

- Misuse (accidental or deliberate)

- Failure to maintain

- Commercial or institutional use

- A product that has been assembled or stored incorrectly (e.g. in an area of damp or direct sunlight)

- Any item where an alteration has been carried out

- Clearance and/or display products

- Failure to follow the terms of these guarantees

*Please note: these guarantees do not affect your legal rights






To make a claim please Please call the landline number on the site or email us at

Fabric Explainer
Chenille fabric

Chenille fabric is a type of textile known for its softness and textured appearance. It is characterized by its pile or raised, fuzzy surface, which resembles a caterpillar's fur, hence the name "chenille," which is the French word for caterpillar.

Plush velvet

Plush velvet, also known as plush is a type of velvet fabric that is characterized by its exceptionally soft and luxurious feel. It is made from various fibers, such as silk, cotton, or synthetic materials like polyester, which creates a smooth and plush surface. Plush velvet is distinct from traditional velvet in that it has much thicker giving it a fuller and more plush appearance.


When durability and easy maintenance rank high on your fabric needs, you won’t be disappointed with polyester. This synthetic fabric will resist stains better than most upholstery making it a good choice for a busy home.

Just like cotton, your polyester sofa will maintain its colour against sunshine and artificial light exposure.


Enzo is a plain colour, upholstery polyester velour fabric. It is thick, soft and pleasant to the touch and has an elegant, strong shine.

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