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  10 Year Warranty
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set
Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set

Windsor 3 + 2 Sofa Set

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Made to Order & Delivered in 2 Weeks


Product is Pre-Assembled - Requires Minimal Assembly

One Day Offer | Get 10% Off with Code NEW10 | Limited Stock  
  • 30,000+ deliveries
    30,000+ deliveries
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
    30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Easy Install
    Easy Install
  • 45,000 Happy Customers
    45,000 Happy Customers
  • 10 Year Guarantee
    10 Year Guarantee
  • Manufactured in Britain
    Manufactured in Britain



Looking for the ultimate sofa that combines comfort, style, and affordability? Look no further than the Windsor range from Happy Sofas! Named after the iconic Windsor Castle, this sofa exudes classic sophistication with its understated aesthetic and minimalistic design. Whether you're looking to create a relaxing atmosphere in your apartment after a long day at work or snuggle up with a movie, the Windsor has you covered. And with its timeless appeal, it's a sofa you'll never tire of. The Windsor is the perfect fit for your home, and as a Happy Sofas staple, you can count on it to add a touch of glamour to any living space. So why wait? Make your sofa statement with the Windsor and join Happy Sofas today. This affordable addition to our Essentials collection is sure to become a beloved piece in your home.


LENGTH (Armrest to Armrest End) 175x205 cm
DEPTH 90 cm
HEIGHT 90 cm


Happy Sofas deliver free of charge within England, Wales and Scotland (excluding the highlands) The majority of our deliveries are done on our two man courier, after all these items are normally fairly heavy and need two delivery drivers to lift to the room of choice. The delivery company stay in touch with you right throughout the delivery process e-mailing you once the item has been dispatched. They then call or text you to arrange a day for delivery with a 4 hour delivery slot. They deliver 2 to 3 weeks, however they are not in every area every day.

Need to Know


Assembly - All our products are pre assembled except the corner sofas which will require 5 minutes of assembly (No Tools required).

Back cushion composition

Responsibly sourced foam and fibre from recycled sources

Seat cushion composition

Responsibly sourced foam and fibre from recycled sources

Sturdy timber frame

Every joint is glued and screwed the old-fashioned way


Sofa can be disassembled and reassembled if you're looking to move house or rooms.


Our sofa frames are so strong they come with a 10-year guarantee

Why Choose A Happy Sofa?

Delivery for this large-sized item

We don’t charge for delivery. This includes delivery to the room of your choice & and removal of all packaging.
  • 1. Order
    Place your order online and choose your payment method
  • 2. Ping
    Once your sofa is made, one of our advisors will be in touch to arrange a day and time
  • 3. Job done
    We deliver to the room of your choice and take away the packaging

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
H. Foxy
made up with my sofa

Above expectations!
My sofa just arrived, and I love it!! Super comfy. Also, the delivery was great!

reff Mitchel
great value and service

I placed an order for my sofa on December 29th, and it was delivered to my living room by the 3rd. Absolutely thrilled with my new additions to the house � they are impeccably crafted and incredibly comfortable. While I encountered some delivery team issues, a delightful lady named marsha from the sofa club promptly addressed and resolved everything for me. She even extended her assistance for any future purchases with them.

S Miranda

Absolutely thrilled! The communication was superb, maintaining excellent contact throughout the process with outstanding customer service. The delivery was quick, and both the support and delivery teams were proactive in keeping me informed. The delivery team went above and beyond, being both professional and friendly, even taking care of clearing all the rubbish. My satisfaction with both the sofa and the company couldn't be higher. I wholeheartedly recommend happy sofas to everyone!

Theresa B
lush sofa

I placed my sofa order just three days ago, and here I am already enjoying its comfort! I opted for the salisbury model and it's absolutely stunning. I never knew a sofa could bring me so much joy! The entire experience, from the beginning to the end, was flawless. I had the pleasure of interacting with marsha from customer service and adam, both of whom were incredibly helpful, polite, and knowledgeable.

Special credit goes to the two delivery men who effortlessly brought five large boxes up two flights of stairs, expertly assembled my sofa, and then took away all the packaging debris with them.

I can confidently say that my expectations have been surpassed, and I am an extremely satisfied customer! Many thanks for such an excellent experience.

E Sector
very responsive and amazing service

lovely sofa, super comfy and amazing minimal but luxuriosu feel to it


Can I buy now pay later?

Yes. We offer 0% Interest Free payment options

Can I customise my sofa dimensions?

Yes. Once you’ve placed your order please ring the landline number to discuss customising the dimensions on your sofa

What happens if I don't like my sofa when it arrives?

Send it back, no questions asked, and picked up with a smile. We charge an admin return fee of £150, unless the return reason is our fault in which case we will return for free. But, if you have used a bespoke fabric from a wholesaler, or make bespoke changes to your sofa or bed, we are not obliged to automatically accept a return.

Can I be certain that my sofa will be an exact colour match to my swatch?

Not always. Dealing with natural fabrics, especially when undyed can be an imprecise business. Batches can differ in shade and tone very slightly, and from time to time the swatch that we send out might come from a different batch to that which is used on your sofa.

The cushions on my new sofa feel a bit stiff. What do I do?

When your new sofa first arrives, you may find that the seat and back cushions look and feel firmer than you expected. Don’t worry, this is normal, and they will settle down after not very long. To help speed up the process, give them a good plumping to redistribute the feathers and turn them over every so often.

How do I ensure my sofa will fit into my home?

Our comfy experts have put together a handy guide for you to have a read through. It will help you work out the best sofa size for your space as well as ensuring our delivery team will be able to get your sofa through the door and into place! Click here to download.

Are the sofas pre-assembled?

Yes, except the corner sofas which need around 5 minutes of installation.

Can you remove my old sofa?

We can indeed. Our drivers can take away your old sofa upon delivery of your new sofa for £50. Please make sure to ask us for this service at least two weeks prior to your scheduled delivery. In turn, you will most likely be given an afternoon slot so our drivers can organise this on their return delivery run.

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